Product Description

Implement independent control or multi-axis motor linkage. Stepper motor drivers provide various current control and multiple step resolutions, as well as built-in translators that enable a stepper motor to be programmed with simple step and direction inputs.

Product Features

  • Three-axis stepper motor driver
  • Compatible with bipolar stepper motors
  • With current-regulating potentiometer per circuit
  • Multiple signal input interface
  • DC-JACK terminal input
  • Built-in DCDC, integrated to 9-24V to 5V circuit
  • Development Platforms:
    • Python, Arduino, 




Net Weight 40g
Gross Weight 60g
Product Dimensions 54.2 * 54.2 * 13.2mm
Maximum Drive Current per Channel  1.5A
Input Signal Terminal Specifications 2.54-2P



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