COM.LoRaWAN Module 915MHz (ASR6501) with antenna

LAN Module W5500 with PoE V12

Product Description

The module uses the ASR6501 system, which permits long-distance communication while consuming very little power and having a high sensitivity. The LoRaWAN protocol stack is integrated, and a serial communication interface is used. It can be implemented as a collection note to access huge data. 

Product Features

  • ASR6501
  • Supported US915
  • SMA antenna
  • Communication interface: UART
  • Command protocol: AT command


  • Automatic remote meter reading
  • Intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot
  • Remote irrigation and environmental monitoring



Communication chip ASR6501
Operating Frequency 915MHz
LoRaWAN Version v1.0.1
Minimum Receive Sensitivity -137dBm (SF=12/BW=125KHz)
Maximum transmit power +21dBm
Communication UART 115200bps
Net Weight 12.8g
Gross Weight 45g
Product size 71.5 * 24 * 8mm



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