SERVO2 Module 16 Channels – 13.2 (PCA9685)

SERVO2 Module 16 Channels – 13.2 (PCA9685)

Product Description

The SERVO2 Module has 16-channel PWM control 16 servos simultaneously. Multiple SERVO2 modules can be stacked and used at the same time and the I2C address can be altered through the dial switch. 

Product Features

  • 16x Actuator Drive Channels
  • 2x Power Indicator
  • I2C address adjustable
  • External DC power supply input of 6-12V
  • DC Connector Type: XT60


  • Humanoid Robots
  • Multi-joint robots
  • 3-axis steering gears


Net Weight 28g
Gross Weight 60g
Product Size  54.2*54.2*13.2mm



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