COM.LoRaWAN Module 868MHz V2.0

Product Description

This module is best suited for remote low-power transmission application scenarios that require ultra-low power consumption and ultra-small dimensions. You can improve your work by using a LoRa / LoRaWAN radio, which can communicate over very long distances while using very little power.

Product Features

  • Stackable Design
  • Support LoRa/LoRaWAN
  • Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Ultra-low power design
  • MasterChip:PSoC® 4000 series MCU
  • Interface: UART


  • Automatic meter reading
  • Home building automation
  • Remote irrigation system


Frequency Baud 868MHz

Communication UART

Protocol AT Command

DC interface specifications 5.5mm

Net weight 40g

Gross weight 75g

Product Size 54.2*54.2*13.2mm



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