GPS Module with Internal & External Antenna (u-blox NEO-M8N)

GPS Module with Internal & External Antenna (u-blox NEO-M8N)

Product Description

Satellite positioning module in the stackable module series – it was developed based on the NEO-M8N module and is equipped with an active antenna. Programmable FLASH is integrated inside the module, which can read and write data. The module’s high sensitivity, small static drift, low power consumption, and compact size make it very suitable for applications in vehicles, handheld devices such as PDAs, vehicle monitoring, mobile phones, cameras, and other mobile positioning systems.

Product Features

  • Antenna type: external GPS antenna
  • External antenna port: SMA
  • Can receive data from 3 GNSS systems at the same time
  • Horizontal position accuracy: minimum 2.5m
  • GPS module (NEO-M8N) built-in flash memory, through u-center-just-for-Windows upgrade firmware
  • Protocol: NMEA, UBX, RTCM
  • Industry leading -167dBm sensitivity
  • Backward compatible with NEO‑7 and NEO‑6 series


  • GPS-based logistics tracking
  • Driverless car positioning


Receiver type GPS:L1C/A SBAS:L1C/A QZSS:L1C/A GLONASS:L1OF BediDou:B1 Galileo:E1B/C

Positioning time Cold start:26S Hot start:1.5S

Sensitivity -167 dBm

Update rate Separate GNSS 10Hz,Parallel GNSS 5Hz

Rate accuracy 0.05m/s

Speed limit 500m/s

Working temperature -40 ~ 80°C

DC interface specifications 5.5mm

Net Weight 28g

Gross Weight 99g

Product Size 54*54*13.2mm



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