COM.LTE Module(SIM7600G)

Product Description

A stackable multifunctional LTE communication module, the built-in LTE communication module SIM7600G, supports LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA and GSM frequency bands.  CAT4 (downlink speed is 150 Mbps), which supports voice calls and SMS. 

Product Features

  • Stackable design
  • Support voice calls, SMS text messages, cellular data transmission
  • Independent external power supply
  • Built-in microphone
  • AT command control
  • SIM card type: MicroSIM
  • Status signal: two LED indicators
  • External antenna: SMA antenna
  • Serial communication: UART 115200 bps
  • LTE Data transmission speed


  • Remote meter reading system
  • Automatic Web Spider SMS-notifier
  • Wireless communication
  • M2M industrial
  • Vehicle-mounted
  • Video



Network protocol TTCP/IP/IPV4/IPV6/ Multi-PDP/FTP/FTPS/HTTP/ HTTPS/DNS etc.

Communication UART 115200bps

DC interface specifications 5.5mm

Net weight 55g

Gross weight 90g

Product Size 54.2*54.2*13.2mm



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