ENV III Unit with Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Sensor

Product Description

A  multifunctional environmental sensor adapted to the M5StickC series. It integrates SHT30 and QMP6988 internally to detect temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data. SHT30 (0x44) is a high-precision, low-power digital temperature sensor. ENV-III HAT is a balanced performance solution for projects that demand rapid gathering and detection of environmental data. A good pick in terms of cost-performance.

Product Features

  • High reliability and long-term stability
  • High accuracy
  • Capable of measuring temperature, humidity, air pressure


  • Weather station
  • Environment monitoring
  • Temperature control


Maximum temperature measurement range -40 ~ 120 ℃

Highest measurement accuracy 0 ~ 60 ℃/±0.2℃

Humidity measurement range/error 10 ~ 90 %RH / ±2%

Maximum measured value of air pressure/resolution/error 300 ~ 1100hPa / 0.06Pa / ±3.9Pa

Communication protocol I2C: SHT30(0x44), QMP6988(0x56)

Working temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C )

Net weight 4g

Gross weight 8g

Product Size 15*24*14mm



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