Makeblock Halocode Standard Kit
HaloCode is a wireless single board computer. With its built-in Wi-Fi support and microphone, the students can easily bring your board into the IoT projects and add speech recognition ability to it.<br><br>It comes with plenty of sensors, such as 12...
Dhs.300.00 AED
STEAM Education Kit - Robot Science
What is STEAM Education Kit - Robot Science? The STEAM Education Kit - Robot Science is designed by Makeblock and intended for STEAM Education.It consists of various electronic modules, mechanical parts and a series of teaching resources including teaching guides,...
Dhs.870.00 AED
AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack
What is AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack? AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack comes with 31 mBuild's electronic modules and 10 accessories packs. With this pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), apply the technology to everyday...
Dhs.2,000.00 AED
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Dhs.680.00 AED
The mBot2 kit is designed for teachers and students of upper elementary grades and high schools to teach and learn coding, science & tech and robotics. mBot2 is ready to use right out of the box thanks to its straightforward...
Dhs.680.00 AED
mBot Educational Robot Kit
mBot is a STEAM education robot for beginners, that makes teaching and learning robot programming simple and fun. With just a screwdriver, the step by step instructions, and a study schedule, children can build a robot from scratch and experience...
Dhs.501.00 AED
2022 MakeX Starter Add-on Pack
The 2022 MakeX Introductory Education Competition Kit covers cutting-edge knowledge in engineering, data science, artificial intelligence and IoT. Suitable for classroom teaching, student club activities, multitasking and creative robotics competitions.The kit contains courses designed and developed based on the K12...
Dhs.1,135.00 AED
2022 MakeX Explorer Educational Competition Kit
Dhs.2,700.00 AED Dhs.2,571.84 AED
2022 MakeX Explorer Educational Competition Kit
MakeX Explorer is a confrontational competition program for elementary and junior high school students aged 8-15. This program fully integrates the essence of sports events and is highly interesting and a delight to watch.
Dhs.2,700.00 AED Dhs.2,571.84 AED
2022 MakeX Starter Arena and Frame
MakeX Starter is a multitasking competition for young people between 6-16 years old. The kit is a complete arena pack that meets the needs of users to build an arena for MakeX 2022 Starter. Introduction Have more fun with your...
Dhs.1,500.00 AED
2022 MakeX Starter Arena
Your browser does not support our video. If you've a mBot2, the 2022 MakeX Starter Add-on Pack is a perfect pack to provide you all the necessary parts and accessories for participating the MakeX Starter robotic competition.
Dhs.1,440.13 AED
mBuild- AI & IOT creator ADD on pack
AI & IoT Creator Add-on Pack comes with 13 mBuild's electronic modules and 9 accessories packs, including Speaker, Motor, LED Strip, LED Ring, LED Matrix, Fan, Ranging Sensor, PIR Sensor, Dual RGB Sensor, Angle Sensor, Extend Block and Rechargeable Lithium...
Dhs.1,063.00 AED
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